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Mutual Funds Canada The Face of Mutual Funds in Canada: Investor – Advisor – and Fundco – Advertising Marketing and Distribution of Canadian Mutual Funds-

 The entire Canadian mutual fund industry with all it’s virtues and downfalls has had a lack of participant marketplace growth and much lustre has diminished even further with bad markets overall and new and innovative products and services designed to compete with Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds Canada intends to foster a better more efficient online investment marketplace with all participants having equal access in time and space to interact in an organized manner to advertise promote and distribute quality financial opportunities to the investment market and average Mutual Fund consumer. Because of our understanding and close proximity to the Advisor Channel we have created a natural alliance for top quality advisors that dispense important and on-going financial information and advice.

 Our 3 specific target markets are important and integral to our overall goals of equal access and more efficient capital markets. We cater to the end user consumers and investors, we understand the nature of advice and the importance of the Advisor Channel and we know that the competing fundco wants access to more sales channels and greater ability to penetrate and grow long-term investments to drive fund sales.

Today the market place is complete with a myriad of financial offerings yet tighter margins and budgets to effectively advertise to maintain and grow market share. Dollar Cost Advertising for mutual fund and investment fund companies that are made to compete for the same compressed investment dollar makes sense. Mutual Funds Canada is conscious of the fact an investor should be more interested in a portfolio of funds rather than anyone fund or any particular fund company. This sort of balance or diversification would then be a model that all or most investors, advisors and managers would agree with this concept but seldom endorse it. 

We look forward to differentiate our products and services from all of our competitions while playing an integral part in facilitating financial investment sales along with enriching the lives of all Canadians. The wealth of knowledge and accessible tools and information that we have created a platform to continue the push for participation in Canada’s capital markets with the co-operation and collaboration of many mutual fund and investment fund companies.

 Mutual Fund advertising, marketing and distribution are important factors for any investment company to sell shares and make money and sell more market share and make more money. The better the fund results the easier the advertising and marketing of the fund become. So if you are not in the top 10 mutual funds in any of the top 10 Asset Classes or at least in the top 10 Mutual Fund Categories then you want to play a part in the alternate or diversified type portfolio that may give you’re a chance amongst the known top performers.  Mutual fund sales, service and selection from the top down.

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