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• AUM - Assets under management $810.4 billion

• Net fund sales (excl.reinv.distr)+ $7.08 billion

*Source: Investor Economics.
(March 15, 2012)

Mutual Funds ~ Mutual Funds Canada and more precisely Mutual Funds in Canada and furthermore the definitive site for Canadian Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds are exactly that a plural word meaning more than one mutual fund and to be exact a "portfolio" of Mutual Funds is the true meaning when by all accounts there is some type of balance or asset allocation.

Mutual Funds are diverse and the Canadian Mutual Fund Market is active and robust offering a myriad of types and styles of funds suitable for any type of exposure for any type of investor. The Mutual Fund Industry is worth over 770 billion dollars give or take a few billion in greater sales, redemptions and up and down market movements. Mutual Fund Companies have a vested interest in continually marketing and advertising in order to keep there base and gain customers and even grow market share. There are over 237 mutual fund companies, investment organizations and money management firms serving up thousands of funds. Mutual Fund Companies are competing firstly within their own family of funds and then they also compete with other fund companies for the same investment dollars.

Mutual Funds are a big and important factor and the easiest entry in to Canada's capital markets. In the early 60's mutual funds became a popular way to invest for the elite and well-to-do only. Mutual Funds have become more popular through word of mouth and strategic marketing over the years and the common idea that a group has more strength than any individual alone rings true and if there is good management there is a chance to make money. Warren Buffet one of the richest men in the world famously said "rule number one is never lose money and rule number 2 is to refer to rule number 1.

Mutual Fund Investors and Mutual Fund Shareholders have a vested interest in how they are served, what funds they are offered and any one of several money losing propositions are disclaimed. When and why do some investors make money consistently and others lose money constantly is a question of the ages. Smart savvy online investors do their homework, get referred to an independent advisor and have a great, intelligent and open communicative relationship.

The whole idea with Mutual Funds is to make as much money as possible and lose as little of it as possible. Diligent investing or the new buzz word may be "Intentional Investing" may become more than just a saying and rather a mainstay and one other great mutual fund strategy to make more money that either the average investor or a chosen index for comparison. Is there a nice way to say can I make some money and when I do can we actually be aware of it and do something about it; like take the money and run an old proverb now seldom used.

Mutual Funds - Mutual Fund Basics lets start at the beginning with a topic like Understanding Mutual Funds an introduction to mutual funds would be the first order. The Mutual Fund Guide was created for just this reason; while teaching children, students and new comers about Mutual Funds and Canada's capital we created the perfect tool to engage the exact right target markets for all the right reasons.

Mutual Fund Education is at the heart of what we have to do in order to reach the next generation of investors and underserved Canadians. Mutual Funds Online allows the target audience to connect through the Internet allowing for a central news, information and data depository at online destination places. Mutual Funds information, advice and resources in the most common places where people, investors and advisors will look.

Mutual Funds have been redefined in Canada and there are 53 Mutual Fund Categories that fall in to 10 verified Mutual Fund Asset Classes there is a greater breakdown with Mutual Fund Sectors. All the information you need to understand how the Mutual Fund Markets is available here with useful tools making the mutual fund guide for free a smart initiative to engage at the novice level a Mutual Fund Book that is informative and reasonably priced and with authority we teach registered and licensed mutual fund advisors with an accredited Mutual Funds Course.

Mutual Fund News - Mutual Fund Information - Mutual Fund Data and Mutual Fund Video and Sharing is what we do best. The Internet and great management skills allow us to create an environment conducive to fund education and mutual fund sales.

Mutual Fund - Mutual Funds - Mutual Funds Canada - Mutual Funds in Canada - Canadian Mutual Funds. "The Face of Mutual Funds in Canada".


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